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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apac Badminton

Apac Edgesaber Z Slayer

Weight : 84+2G
Balance : 285+5mm
Max tension : 35LBS
Grip:4U +G2
Flex : Medium

#High Modulus Graphite
#Even Balance Long Shape
#CNT Carbon Nanotube

-Retail Price :Rm 169.90
-After Discount : (Frame Only)

Apac Tantrum Power 11 Two International

Weight : 85+1G
Balance : 285+3mm
Max tension : 30LBS
Grip:4U +G2
Flex : Medium

#Tantrum Power Frame

-Retail Price :Rm 169.90
-After Discount : ( Frame Only)

Apac Super Light II

Weight : 77+2G
Balance : 295+3mm
Max tension : 32LBS
Grip:6U +G2
Flex : Soft High

#Carbon Nano Tube

-Retail Price :Rm 259.90
-After Discount : Rm 205.00( Frame Only)

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