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Thursday, January 14, 2010

RSL Badminton

Mellenium 10 Series (All below Above Out Of Production)

Laser 900 -Rm588.00 -After discount Rm415.00
Laser 800 -Rm538.00 -After discount Rm380.00
Heat 700 -Rm398.00 -After discount Rm290.00
Heat 190 -Rm298.00 -After discount Rm210.00
Heat 180 -Rm298.00 -After discount Rm210.00
Heat 170 -Rm238.00 -After discount Rm175.00
Heat 110 -Rm238.00 -After discount Rm175.00
Heat 100 -Rm198.00 -After discount Rm150.00
Extreme 090 -Rm198.00 -After discount Rm150.00
Extreme 070 -Rm188.00 -After discount Rm150.00

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