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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Karakal Grip

Karakal Pu Super Grip
Colour: Blue, Purple, Black, Red, Yellow, White[Limited Stock]
Price: RM 6.00
1 Box: RM 5.50 x 36pc

#* Replacement Grip
* Non Slip PU surface
* Super Absorbent
* Super Tacky
* Extra Thick
* Self Adhesive
* Universal Length
* Extra long life

Karakal Kumfy
Colour: White, Red, Blue
Price: RM 13.00 (1pc - 2pc)
Price: RM 12.00 (Min Purchase: 3pc)

#- Replacement Grip
- Improved 'Nano-tech' Formula
- Breathing Holes
- Elasticated Microfibre Base
- Cushioned Feel
- Super Tacky
- Non Slip PU 500 Surface
- Self Adhesive
- Sealing Tape


bond lcf said...

Hi ... is there the karakal super grip still available ??

bond lcf said...
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